Thursday, February 26, 2009

hanging out

nap time

i always have a blast hanging out with megan and maisie

Monday, February 23, 2009

client testimonials

here are two testimonials written by 2008 and 2009 wedding clients. thank you both so much for allowing me to share your thoughts from the big day. testimonials are extremely helpful for potential clients:

"Our experience with Sarah was unbelievable and I HIGHLY recommend her for your wedding.
The photos were FANTASTIC - she captured everything I wanted (I even gave her a one page list of shots I was hoping for!). She really takes advantage of the surroundings and it makes the photos so unique, but traditional. For example - she's the only photographer I know that can make a brick wall or a random street look beautiful. She uses angles in her photos that make a normal photo look incredible.
She arrived on time (I think she was even a little early!) and started photography us right away, she was dressed very appropriately - black dress pants/sweater (and comfy black shoes b/c she RUNS around)! She's also incredibly accommodating - I asked her to ride in the Limo with the Wedding Party b/c we were going to downtown DC after the Ceremony for photos and I didn't want her to struggle to find a parking spot and she was totally okay with that and fit right in. We did outside photos for a January Wedding - 35 degrees and windy (but sunny!) - she never complained or said she was cold! My whole wedding party and family LOVED her...she is so friendly and full of energy. She has this crazy ability to be EVERYWHERE and capture so many shots, but sometimes you don't even feel like she's there. She's organized, creative, and has so much experience, she really knows what works and what doesn't. She captured moments, emotions and feelings through images...she never lets the camera get in the way of those special moments.
I think my favorite thing about my Wedding photos is that they tell the story of our day without words - you can see the emotion in everyone's facial expressions, from the tears at the ceremony to the laughs at the reception. I have NO doubt that hiring a Videographer would have been a total waste of money b/c the images from our big day tell the story on their own. She has this incredible ability to capture things at just the right moment - but nothing is forced. If she even feels like something is forced, she'll stop and go to another shot."

- Meghan 01.24.09

"I'm so glad you are thinking about using Sarah -- she is absolutely wonderful. I can't say enough about how pleased we were with our experience with Sarah. I've been in enough weddings to know what I did and didn't like about photographers and Sarah was truly what I was looking and wishing for. She is young and fun and is great with the wedding parties and families, which was really a quality that is hard to come by with photographers. And her photos were beautiful -- she captured the events in ways that are so artistic and yet so natural. I'm not a fan of photographers that have to announce their presence so that the pictures end up looking so stilted and posed. She had beautiful candids, took pictures from amazing angles, and I can honestly tell you that when I looked through all the pictures after the wedding I was so impressed that she was able to get so many wonderful shots (without me ever recalling that she was in some of those places!). I've looked at pictures from other friend's weddings and, of course I'm partial to an extent, but the quality of her shots were just above and beyond what I've seen from other photographers. I've wanted to frame pretty much every picture she took. I even put together an album of just those shots that really capture and highlight the small details of the wedding that are gorgeous on film -- the lanterns on the walkway, the way the place settings were displayed, details of certain flower arrangements.... my words can't do it justice.
I truly "lucked" into finding Sarah because one of my friend's sister's had used her and both my friend and her sister just adored her and her work. I think that says a lot when both the work and the person are so highly regarded. I would recommend her to my friends so quickly. She was professional yet so fun and natural and just put everyone at ease -- which is so important on that day!"

- Erica 10.18.08

Friday, February 20, 2009


check it out: my photo on

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

puppy that lives across the street

i love taking portraits

there is nothing better than documenting a person as you get to know them. i love photographing people and hearing about their life story. this is my friend jeff. thanks for asking me to take your portrait yesterday.

may i take your portrait?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

beautiful day to february!


remember the beautiful weather last weekend? yeah, it was incredible. my friend kate invited me out to her beautiful childhood home for some family documentation. we had a blast. thank you so much for fixing me brunch. i love the roehr family.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

THE C-VILLE this week

HEART AND SOUL COVER STORY - check it out when you get a chance

"Plus, as Sarah Cramer's photographs prove, Valentine’s Day can hold as many original images as there are forms of love: parent for child, sibling for sibling, person for dog (not to mention dog for person), as well as reflect love through the ages—it’s not just a playground for the young and innocent, that’s for sure."

meghan and mike - january 24th 2009

one of my very best friends from high school got married this past january and i had the honor of documenting her wedding. what a perfect day! congratulations meghan and mike! thank you so much for asking me to photograph your wedding! it was incredible!

to see more images from their wedding, please visit:

Friday, February 6, 2009

weddings are fun

who do you love?

who do you love?
i constantly see different examples of love.
it is almost valentine's day so i thought i would post a few lovin' photos. enjoy!